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ZillaMunch creates apparel and posters inspired by food. The designs range from parody to pop culture to the humorous. You've come to the right place if you love pizza UFOs, dueling artichokes, or fancy yourself a beer font enthusiast.

The "a-ha" moment for the company came over a pizza shared by two best friends.  A joke about a legendary Tacodamus psychic that predicts taco fortunes became the first t-shirt design. Positive feedback was the catalyst to create a line of food-themed apparel and posters.


The two co-founders are Ana and Chauncey. They work with talented artists from across the globe who crank out quirky designs. Not to be forgotten is the resident startup Bengal cat, Zen.  Together all these people (plus one four legged furball) make up Team ZillaMunch.  Nom nom nom.

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